Most compatible solid state drives (SSD) to PS4

SSD compatibility with PS4 has been discussed on many boards and communities trying to find a solution for this issue in order to highly increase the overall performance of PS4 game console. There was a slight performance drop in our StorageMark 2010 benchmarks, especially the productivity and gaming trace. Also, note the very rapid increase in the performance curve.

How does SSD impact PS4 performance

But when the scope shifts to hard drives, they look a lot more appealing. Although it was outpaced by some of the performance SSDs (e.g., Samsung EVO 850), the X400 held its own against the other drives in our HTPC benchmark. Adding an SSD to PS4 can noticeably enhance the gaming experience on PS4 by offering a faster load time than regular hard drives. It is able to reach over 500MB/s by the 16KB file size, which is very nice to see.

PS4 SSD will enhance the gaming experience on the game console

Pricing, Warranty And AccessoriesOur Z400s shipped in a pack of four 128GB drives that sold for just $128. In the end, the X400 is designed to give OEMs and system integrators an option that delivers all the benefits of flash while still providing system design flexibility, thanks especially to the thin M.2 form factor. With a PS4 SSD there are a few issues to bear in mind before making the first step in this regard. The special price expired before we finished writing this review. The TLC NAND architecture allows SanDisk to competitively price the X400, further enhancing the value proposition for those looking for an HDD alternative or replacement. But at the time of writing, you could still snag the Z400s for $45 on Newegg Business.
The 256GB model is a better value at $80. Read our guide on solid state drives incorporated inside PS4 game console. Still, as of right now, the Z400s isn’t price- or performance-competitive in the channel. Plextor recently released its M6V with MLC flash and DRAM. Adata introduced its SP550 with TLC flash and Silicon Motion’s SM2256 controller. At the 256GB capacity point, both drives outperform the Z400s and cost the same or slightly more.

Compatible storage devices including SSD

SanDisk does cover the Z series with a three-year warranty limited by the amount of data written to the drive. Almost any 2.5-inch SSD is compatible with the standards of PS4 storage upgrade. The 128 and 256GB models are rated at 72 TBW. The Z400s is supported by SanDisk’s Dashboard management software, which also facilitates access to Apricorn’s cloning utility. The best hard drive for PS4 will not perform too slow compared to the situation where it’s placed inside a computer system. Every aspect of the Z400s is designed to reduce production costs. The drive itself is made to a level that would be unacceptable by an enthusiast’s standards.

The enclosure is almost entirely plastic, aside from thin metal inserts for mounting screws. And there isn’t a single screw holding the chassis together. The serious compatibility issues appear in hard disk drives, as not all 2.5″ HDD fit inside PS4 drive bay. That’s why you need a PS4 compatible hard drive before going through PS4 storage upgrade process. Again, the Z400s ships in mSATA, M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors. Today we’re testing the 2.5-inch 128GB model with a 7mm z-height. Inside, there’s a very small printed circuit board that takes up roughly one-third of the available space.

hard drive PS4

The case with hybrid hard drives

Neither the controller nor the flash benefits from augmented cooling, though that shouldn’t be an issue on an entry-level solution. Solid State Hybrid hard drive (aka SSHD) can be the best option for mainstream PS4 users. This is our lab’s first outing with Silicon Motion’s SM2246XT, from the same family as the SM2246EN (used in a large number of existing low-cost client SSDs). SanDisk pairs the processor with 15nm MLC NAND. With a good PS4 SSHD there’s a possibility that the games will load faster and the gaming experience is better enhanced. The 128GB drive uses two flash packages with 64GB each. We suspect the 256GB model would simply double the number of packages to four. Compressible and incomprehensible data are handled at the same rate on SanDisk’s Z400s.

Silicon Motion doesn’t use a compression engine that penalizes write performance when working with incompressible data. Only a few 2.5-inch SSHD are compatible with PS4 storage upgrade standards. Don’t let the terms DRAM-less, OEM and low-cost make you think this thing is a total dog. There are worse-performing drives with three-bit-per-cell flash shipping under the guise of low-cost solid-state drives. For instance, we recently reviewed Adata’s 120GB SP550, which delivered sustained sequential writes of 66 MB/s with 64KB blocks. Over the last several weeks, we published reviews of low-cost SSDs from a handful of manufacturers.