The Best Hard Disk Drive (HDD) For PS4 – 2016

PS4 stock hard drive comes in either 500GB or 1TB (in the newest version), but many users find that even the 1TB of storage capacity is not sufficient for their thirst for more games and movies. Seagate’s new Mobile HDD provides 2TB of storage in a 7mm form factor. The 2.5-inch form factor drive is 25 percent lighter than the previous generation of mobile hard drives. On Tuesday Seagate said that it’s now shipping the industry’s thinnest 2 TB hard drive for notebooks, the Spinpoint M9T, measuring just 9.5 mm thick. Anyone with this 2tb drive in their ps4, do you hear random grind/beeping noise every so often.

The need for more storage space on PS4

During a time when SSD innovation leads the market for this form factor, this drive holds unique appeal for users who want to upgrade their laptop storage without switching over. You’ll find yourself in need for even more than the double storage capacity provided officially by PS4 with its stock hard drive. That’s because the games are coming in multitudes huge file size that will soon fill up your hard drive to its max. The drive is compatible with most of the today’s mobile computers, the drive’s standard SATA 6 GB/s interface provides for easy integration into existing laptop designs and portable computer upgrades.

comparing xbox one with PS4

Know how much HDD space you need

The drive is manufactured in China under the company’s Samsung hard disk drive (HDD) division, reportedly sporting the highest platter density of any 2.5 inch hard drive to date, with 667 GB of capacity per platter.”The M9T combines the highest areal density shipping in a single storage device with an innovative design that fits into mainstream notebook applications. Going with the best PS4 hard drive can improve your gaming experience and help you store more data on your game console. You will prob only hear it if you weren’t playing a game. Although SSDs indisputably outperform HDDs, the Mobile HDD allows users to load up to 2TB of storage into their laptop at a fraction of the cost of an SSD. We received the drive and used it for more than three weeks.

The PS4 contains a total of 8 GiB (16 × 0.5 GiB (512 MiB) for CUH10XX/CUH11XX models or 8 x 1 GiB (1024 MiB) for CUH12XX models memory chips) of GDDR5 unified system memory, and is capable of running at a maximum clock frequency of 2.75 GHz (5500 MT/s) with a maximum bandwidth of 176 GB/s. This is 16 times the amount of total RAM found in the PS3 and is expected to give the console considerable longevity. The unified memory architecture allows the CPU and GPU to access a consolidated memory, removing the need for separate, dedicated memory pools.


The appearance of a good hard drive for upgrading PS4

While other 2TB solutions on the market are 15 mm thick, the vast majority of mobile devices are designed to use a 9.5 mm drive; with the M9T, those devices can now have 2TB of storage, enabling a richer computing experience,” said Dave Frankovich, senior product line manager, Samsung HDD. When trying another storage option for PS4 HDD upgrade, think about having the Samsung SpinPoint M9T 2TB hard dirve, as it has proven to be a very good drive for PS4 storage upgrade. I just got one of these drives , and every so often could be 10 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, but happens eventually , you will hear a random quite loud beep/grind noise. The Seagate Mobile HDD is SATA 6Gb/s and it can be used as a replacement for 7mm as well as 9.5mm laptop designs. While testing the drive, we connected it with our test bed and installed OS and it was working fine. For the uninitiated, Seagate bought Samsung Electronics’ hard drive business back in December 2011, gaining “select elements” including Samsung’s M8 product line of high-capacity, 2.5-inch HDDs, the employees and infrastructure.

Tips for the PS4 HDD upgrade

Seems totally random sometimes it doesn’t do it for over 3 hours etc. Although it uses architecture that is being rendered obsolete by solid-state technology for this form factor, the Mobile HDD serves to sustain casual budget-minded users who are more cost sensitive. PS4 hard drive upgrade has been outlined on so many websites to the extent that even a newbie can do it perfectly if follows the steps laid out on those guides. The drive did better than previous SSD and the bootup time reduced by more than 20 seconds. At the time, N.Y. It happens on other devices too, when I used it as an external drive plugged into my laptop, it still happened sometimes.

Module Name Purpose/capability
AMD TrueAudio This package of user-programmable audio DSPs offloads audio processing from the CPU. Possible effects include 3D audio effects, audio compression and decompression, reverberation, and voice stream processing.
Upload/download Capable of uploading and downloading data to the hard disk
Video compression/decompression Capable of encoding/decoding video formats on-the-fly. These modules are AMD’s UVD for hardware video decoding and AMD’s VCE for hardware video encoding, used for recording SharePlay videos in the background.
Zlib decoder Decoding of compressed data from the Blu-ray optical drive
WiFi module Marvell Wireless Avastar 88W8797 Wireless communication : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR).

Skyworks 2614B 315BB

HDMI module HDMI output
Ethernet controller Alaska 88EC060-NNB2 Ethernet 10/100/1000 support
USB controller USB 3.0 support

Is it the time for SSD for PS4?

There’s a variety of PS4 fanboys who would like to gain the utmost performance advantages out of their game console, therefore they would think that configuring PS4 with an SSD is the solution. By comparison, the Samsung 850 EVO 2TB SSD, which is one of the only consumer SSDs on the market that provides 2TB in a 7mm form factor, costs around $630. Also, we connected the drive using the USB cable to run some benchmarks and it did pretty well in that as well. Park, senior vice president and general manager, would oversee Seagate’s product development activities in Korea and serve as country manager of the Korea design center, reporting to Bob Whitmore, Seagate’s executive vice president and CTO. PS4 SSD has been acquiring more and more popularity by the declination of price of the flash memory. “Seagate is supplying disk drives to Samsung for PCs, notebooks and consumer electronics devices,” Seagate’s press release stated in 2011.

PS4 specifications

Why we prefer a traditional hard drive for PS4

“Samsung is supplying its market-leading semiconductor products for use in Seagate’s enterprise solid state drives (SSDs), solid-state hybrid drives and other products. Basically this drive just beeps, all seem to do it, you can’t do anything about it, however it doesn’t cause any problems. Although the Mobile HDD might not suit performance enthusiasts or high-demand use cases, its $102 price tag makes it a compelling option. The best hard drive for PS4 can be appealing, but it’s not what you think about a drive that can hold more than 2TB at once. That’s why when you go for an external hard drive on PS4, you’ll find the difference between upgrading the internal hard drive and just attaching an external hard drive to your game console.

On HDTunePro, it resulted in 126.4 MB/s read speed and on CrystalDiskMark read speed was 133.6 MB/s and write speed was 126.5 MB/s. The companies have also extended and enhanced their existing patent cross-license agreement and have expanded cooperation to co-develop enterprise storage solutions.”Although there are 2 TB notebook drives already on the market, these measure either 12.5 mm or 15 mm in thickness. That’s basically it, there’s not much more that can be done or said at moment. The weight of the Mobile HDD (less than ¼ lb), paired with Seagate’s standard shock resistance and quiet operation, further refines this drive for use in a mobile setting. In our real life test, it was able to transfer 2 GB of assorted data from PC to drive in 55 seconds with speed up to 360.4 MB/s.

Considering the game file size

Frankovich told Computerworld that the industry has built three- and four-platter drives before, but typically a three-disk drive would be in a 12.5 mm thickness and a four-disk drive would be in a 15 mm thickness.”So they kind of got relegated to external drives at that thickness. The high-end PS4 game can be more than 50GB file size, and that’s really too much for a hard drive to hold a single game with that massive space engagement. You want to change your power cord. In terms of security, the Mobile HDD comes standard with Trust Computing Group (TCG) Opal protocol and Instant Secure Erase Technology. While transferring from drive to PC, it took 37 seconds with up to 436.09 MB/s speed. This is really the first time you’re seeing this capacity in the mainstream 9 mm form factor,” he said.

Best PS4 Hard Drive

Making more storage on the current hard drive

The ‘chirping’ noise you can sometimes hear is just a Seagate thing, cheap drives are build cheap. If users need enhanced security, they can upgrade their drive with premium security features, such as Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) and FIPS 140-2 SED. There’s a need for more storage space on the stock hard drive of PS4, this is an undeniable fact among many PS4 fanboys who are fond of playing the latest, heavy-graphics top-notch video games. Seagate Mobile HDD is a power efficient drive with fast transfer rate and slim profile. Frankovich also added that Seagate was able to increase its platter areal density by creating a dual-stage actuator head. The loud beep is due to lack of power to the PS4.

Deleting unneeded files and folders

We conducted our consumer benchmarks for the Seagate Mobile HDD with the StorageReview HP Z620 Workstation. It could be the right replacement for laptops even of old age to not only increase the capacity, but also to boost the performance. One head is used for read and writes, and the other is for keeping the actuator arm secure and in place. After you have accomplished the game stage, it’s very recommended that you just delete it and get a new one with more ideas. I didn’t use my power cord that came with the PS4, as I already had an old one behind my TV furniture, and I hate replacing cables! The Samsung Spinpoint M9T 2TB HDD was our only comparable drive.

Product name PlayStation®4
Product code CUH-2000 series
Main processor

Single-chip custom processor

CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores

GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine

Memory GDDR5 8GB
Storage size* 500GB, 1TB
External dimensions Approx. 265×39×288 mm (width × height × length) 
(excludes largest projection)
Mass Approx. 2.1 kg
BD/ DVD drive
(read only)
BD × 6 CAV
Input/ Output Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen1) port × 2 
AUX port × 1

Ethernet(10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)×1

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


Power AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 165W
Operating Temperature 5 ºC – 35ºC
AV output HDMI™ out port (HDR output supported)

Seagate has something of a battle on its hands with laptop users, because once you’ve used one with an SSD, it’s difficult to go back to using a mechanical hard drive. The deletion of additional files on the stock hard drive of PS4 will definitely save magnitudes of space that can be used later for installing new games. The Spinpoint M9T will also arrive in a 1.5 TB flavor, and both will pack microactuation, a SATA 3 interface for speeds up to 6 Gbps, along with NoiseGuard and SilentSeek technologies to deliver ultra-quiet operation. The 2TB drive asks more power from the PS4 then the stock drive. All IOMeter figures are represented as binary figures for MB/s speeds. But as its latest laptop storage designs show, it still has one card up its sleeve and that’s capacity.

Store media files externally

After the firmware update version 2.5, Sony allows the use of an external storage device for backup purpose only. Now the latest version of PS4 firmware update is 4.00 which will be released very soon with amazing features (read more). The drives also use 2.3 watts of power during read/write operations, and 0.7 watts while idling. I replaced the cable with the cable that came with the PS4, and since then I never get the beep anymore. In our first test, which measures 2MB sequential performance, the Seagate drive (114MB/s read and 110MB/s write) was slightly outpaced by the Samsung drive (118MB/s read and 116MB/s write) in both read and write. A 4TB hard drive is a good storage solution for PS4 enthusiasts who want a sufficient capacity for all their stuff internally on PS4. The ST2000LM007, to give its full title, is available in either 1TB or 2TB capacities and also as a straight drive (reviewed here) or in encrypted or encrypted/FIPS flavours. The Spinpoint M9T hard drive is currently available in the Samsung Portable product line, which includes the M3 Portable and P3 Portable external drives, as well as with select partners.

VR stands for Virtual Reality, which is a simulation of another reality created by designers and programmers. Currently the PS VR system delivers a Virtual Reality experience for your eyes and ears through a combination of the 360 degrees 1:1 tracking of your head, wide field of view stereoscopic images delivered with a high refresh rate at 120Hz, and binaural 3D audio makes your brain think you’ve been transported to another world. We call this feeling “presence.” It’s when we feel like we are present somewhere else in space (and time) and our brain begins to believe this new “virtual reality.”


Minimal required standards for a compatible PS4 hard drive

Yes, I definitely get this noise with the Seagate / Samsung 2TB M9T drive. Our random 4K benchmark with IOMeter puts more strain on the drives in terms of throughput. There are different standards must be borne in mind when looking for a new hard drive replacement for PS4. One of these essential standards is that the drive must be configured with Serial-ATA interface. What’s most impressive about it is that even the 2TB model weighs just 90 grams and is 7mm thick. Pricing is not available, as this drive is sold directly to equipment manufacturers. I replaced the PS4 because of it, but have now narrowed it down to the drive.

HDD Relevancy Test

Although the drives were close, the Seagate HDD outperformed the Samsung HDD in both read and write, with 98 IOPS and 259 IOPS, respectively. Relevancy is important when trying to replace the stock hard drive of PS4, as you must make sure the new drive is relevant to PS4 standards that will allow this kind of upgrade. That’s 25% lighter than the model it replaces, if you’re keeping score. Seagate, which purchased Samsung’s HDD division in 2011, has begun shipping the world’s thinnest 2 TB hard drive. No idea why it happens, it’s completely at random and of varying duration – it does sound like some power draw / warning alert type sound.

Upgrading PS4 hard drive to 4TB capacity

Looking into drive’s performance

In terms of average write latency, the Seagate Mobile HDD slightly outperformed the Samsung Spinpoint (3.9ms vs. 4.9ms, respectively). When switching to max latency, the Seagate drive handily outperformed the Samsung drive (440ms vs. 2038ms, respectively). One of the most looked-for aspects of a good hard drive is the performance metrics that will determine to which category a particular hard drive belongs. Our final consumer synthetic benchmarks compare the drives in a series of mixed-server workloads with a queue depth of 1 to 128. As for PS4 game console, a mid-range hard drive is supposed to be pretty sufficient for almost all game requirements. We have said that according to the fact that PS4 is already configured with a mid-range hard drive by factory.

  • After doing these steps I no longer hear any beeps (so far) and been using my PS4 intensively for like 6 hours straight, installing and downloading games while watching a blu-ray disc.
  • Prior to this it would beep like every 15 minutes or so. Maybe previously a bug occured while updating from a prior firmware version and that caused the beeping.
  • Anyways hope this will help some of you. The next best thing is 1.5TB Hitachi Travelstar 5K1500. But it seems like they don’t make these anymore.
  • Everywhere i look it’s out of stock or no longer available (live in the Netherlands)
  • These are the only +1 tb drives that i know will work with the PS4.
  • And i prefer not to settle for a 1 tb drive. Have you tried “Rebuild Database” from safe mode? Maybe that will help. Look it up at YouTube.

The Top level HDD standards

Using the standard 2.5” form factor, it should fit into almost any laptop designed to accept SATA drives this size, where you have access to make the swap. The Samsung Spinpoint M9T, which comes in a 2.5-inch form factor, measures 9.5 mm thick, giving notebooks a bit more storage space. What can be considered as a top level HDD standard for PS4 storage replacement is the endurance of the drive that’s usually determined on its lowest by figuring out the guarantee given by the manufacturer. Very annoying. Each server profile has a strong bias towards read activity, ranging from 67% read with the database profile to 100% read in the web server profile. You may go later for an SSHD if you wish to gain some performance increase on your PS4. For those who go with one of the government-grade encryption models, Seagate promises that being secure won’t make the drive thicker, heavier or degrade the performance.

Measuring the lifespan of PS4 hard drive

While not as thin as Seagate’s Momentus Thin and Laptop Ultrathin HDDs that are just 7 mm thick, both those drives top out 500 GB, while most 2 TB HDDs on the market stretch the calipers at 15 mm. Did anyone else resolve it just by changing power cable? Our database profile features a 67% read and 33% write workload focusing on transfers around 8K in size. The lifespan of an ordinary PS4 hard drive is usually measured by the conditions the drive is put in, including the heaviness of workloads and times of use and more other factors. It also says these drives can survive an operating shock of up to 400Gs and non-operating loading of 1000Gs. The Spinpoint M9T’s thickness makes it compatible with the 9.5 mm standard used by the majority of laptops.

Solid state drive for PS4 storage upgrade

Shortest HDD lifespan measurement

This really should not have an effect. The Seagate HDD posted a solid performance against the Samsung Spinpoint HDD under these conditions, almost doubling its numbers for most of the benchmark. Generally, don’t accept a drive that has less than 2-year limited warranty, as the warranty is a very strong indication to the endurance of the drive, which is used, with other factors, to determine the real lifespan of a particular drive. As humans can’t actually withstand either of those stresses, make sure you aren’t holding the drive when they experience that at any point. The drive includes a SATA 6 Gb/s interface and boasts an average seek time of 12 ms and maximum data transfer rate of 600 MB/s. If you do swap cables make sure you use one with a 5A fuse. ST2000LM003 PS4 is a good drive for the purpose it is used for.

The importance of PS4 HDD endurance

Our next benchmark is the web server profile, which is read-only, with transfer sizes ranging from 512 bytes to 512KB. Being able to handle that level of abuse has also allowed Seagate to offer a two-year warranty on the drives – longer than most laptop makers will give you. The endurance of a hard drive is very important as it is the mainstay of the drive’s life. A 1.5 TB capacity model is also available. Still got this problem. Once again, the Seagate drive outperformed the Samsung drive by almost 100MB/s.

What justifies replacing the stock hard drive of PS4

In terms of the performance you might reasonably expect, Seagate claims 140MB/s, and none of my tests refute those numbers. However, because the drive is currently sold directly to original equipment manufacturers, pricing details aren’t available. I did change the drive and ended up with one with a later firmware version 2BC10006. The PS4’s stock hard drive comes in a limited capacity that doesn’t quench the thirst of a wide variety of fanboys to the extent that they feel compelled to replace it with a larger one. It seems to happen less often now and not as loud but it still happens. The file server profile has 80% read and 20% write workload spread out over multiple transfer sizes ranging from 512 bytes to 64KB. Using Windows 7 SP1 on a Skylake PC, I got 143.3MB/s reads and 140.8MB/s writes using CrystalDiskMark.

  1. Conversely, the Seagate Mobile HDD is fairly limited from a performance standpoint.
  2. This is the correct file we need for a clean install. Although it outperformed the Samsung Spinpoint M9T in most of our performance benchmarks, neither drive would be considered competitive in the context of the overall drive market.
  3. Format a usb drive to FAT32 (default setting) and create a folder called ‘PS4’ and inside this folder create another folder called ‘UPDATE’.
  4. That said, we didn’t expect this drive to impress anyone with its performance, and its great value keeps it relevant to a wide range of consumers with ever-growing media archives.
  5. Place the firmware file here (remember it should be around 800 mb and not 200 mb!!!)
  6. Start your PS4 in safe mode (While booting up keep holding the power button for 7 seconds until it beeps for a second time.)
  7. Choose the option: ‘Initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software)’ and plug in the USB drive when prompted.
  8. Follow the instructions and wait till it’s finishied. You’re PS4 will now have a clean install of the latest firmware version.

Not tried changing power cable, might try just to seeYeah I very occasionally hear this beep noise you described with the same HDD. In this benchmark, the Seagate Mobile HDD exhibited a consistent performance that was stronger than that of the Samsung HDD. By laptop drive standards, those are highly respectable numbers, although they’re about a third of what you might expect out of a decent SATA-connected SSD. A good PS4 hard drive replacement will provide more storage space for games and movies, which will impress the enthusiasts who look for more gaming experience with PS4 game console. More concerning, when I first installed the HDD in the console and went through the initial setup; it asked me to go through the setup process again when I next booted up the console. The last profile looks at workstation activity, with a 20% write and 80% read mixture using 8K transfers.

a hybrid hard drive can be the best drive for PS4

2TB or 4TB, which capacity to go for?

However, a 2TB SSD like the Samsung 850 Pro is easily £680, and this one costs less than £100. After conducting numerous tests on the HDD on my PC, I couldn’t find any issues with the drive; so I reinstalled the HDD into the PS4 and this time everything worked normal. Although the Samsung Spinpoint HDD started out with a slightly better performance, the Seagate Mobile HDD was the top drive for the remainder of the benchmark. PS4 operating system had troubles in the past recognizing more than 2TB of hard drive capacity until firmware update v. 3.5 which now handles capacities up to 4TB without any single issue. And that’s the rub really, because while I’m sure we’d all like 2TB of lighting fast flash in our laptops, the ST2000LM007 is a singularly more affordable option. Very bizarre!
While the results of synthetic benchmarks are important to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of a drive, performance in these tests does not always translate directly into real-world situations. If you have a laptop that can accept two drives, that’s the ideal situation, because you can use a small SSD to install the OS and apps, and this drive for your data storage. You can go for 2TB HDD capacity, but if you are an extreme gamer, I suggest you consider 4TB instead. There are a few good 4TB hard drives for PS4, you can choose one for you from this list. There used to be an issue with this drive and the PS4 when it was first launched but apparently Sony issued a patch which fixed it. To get a better idea how the Seagate Mobile HDD will handle itself in the field, we will chart StorageMark 2010 HTPC, Productivity, and Gaming traces against comparable drives. Those with only a single drive have to make a judgement call, because for what this drive costs, they’ll only get a 512GB SSD or a quarter of the Seagate’s capacity.

Fixing the internal hard drive inside PS4 box

I’ve never heard the beep noise while it was connected to my PC, therefore I assume it’s something to do with the console. Higher IOPS and MB/s rates with lower latency times are preferred. It comes down to how much data you need to carry around with you and if you’re willing to sacrifice high performance to have more. I have bought one, and it is also making that noise. If you have chosen to eventually replace the PS4 internal hard drive, there are a few instructions you need to follow in order to have a smooth and seamless upgrade process. The first trace is based on use as a Home Theater PC (HTPC). The test includes playing one 720P HD movie in Media Player Classic, one 480P SD movie playing in VLC, three movies downloading simultaneously through iTunes, and one 1080i HDTV stream being recorded through Windows Media Center over a 15-minute period.

The ST2000LM007 is an impressive piece of drive engineering, but I do wonder how much further the debate between this and SSD technology can go, given the speed at which SSD prices are falling. Using an SSD for PS4 can provide some performance boost, but we don’t see it worthy the price it’s paid for. Hopefully Sony releases a power supply box that can be attached to the power cord later on. We saw only marginal differences between the Samsung and Seagate drives in our HTPC trace, with the former slightly outpacing the latter. Mark PickavanceLots of drive space and decent performance. I definitely don’t want to downgrade to a 1TB.

At the beginning of the console generation, it had become clear that the PS4 had captured the heart of the core gamer audience. What was less clear was whether or not the laser-focused games approach would translate to a wider audience. That question has been roundly answered by this point. The Playstation faithful have all had their consoles for a while now, and PS4 is showing its strength by continuing to capture a wider market.


Check the performance metrics

The Seagate Mobile HDD posted 38.8MB/s and 522 IOPS, with an average latency of 15.3ms (vs. Nor do I want to wait for Sony to make a 2 TB PS4 hard drive. Samsung’s 39.1MB/s, 526 IOPS and 15.1ms, average latency). Don’t expect high performance metrics from the 2.5-inch hard drive that you’ll slam inside PS4 body. The final consumer real-life benchmark simulates disk activity during gaming. So a power cord can fix this problem? This simulation taxes the drive’s read performance, with 6% write operations and 94% read operations.

Upgrading to an SSD or SSHD

I also feel as though the PS4 has started to lag more often now as well. The test consists of a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit system pre-configured with Steam, with Grand Theft Auto 4, Left 4 Dead 2, and Mass Effect 2 already downloaded and installed. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Going for an SSHD for PS4 can add to the overall performance of the game console, and with some games the difference in performance between an SSHD and HDD is remarkable. The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses. I was having the exact same problem for weeks.

add an external hard drive for PS4

The Seagate Mobile HDD posted a stronger performance than the Samsung Spinpoint in our gaming trace. Looks like I fixed it (for now). With a PS4 SSHD there’s a good possibility that games will load faster by over 20% than that with an ordinary HDD. Spend a whole day without a single beep. These results are somewhat validating for the Seagate Mobile HDD, considering that the Samsung SpinPoint was originally designed to serve primarily in this use case. What I did is the following: Backup all your save files on a usb drive and/or online if you have PS+. Download the latest PS4 firmware from PlayStation. Do NOT use the big blue ‘Download now’ button at the top. The Seagate drives posted 26.7MB/s and 499 IOPS, with an average latency of 16.0ms.

  • What this will do is download a 207mb file.
  • The Seagate Mobile HDD was designed to appeal to budget-minded consumers who aren’t ready for the transition to solid-state for their capacity data.
  • THIS IS THE WRONG FILE and will only work if you already got an earlier PS4 firmware installed on your hard drive.
  • Even with the growing prevalence of SSDs, there aren’t many 2TB 2.5″ HDDs on the market; in part, this helped Seagate distinguish the Mobile HDD from other products. What we want is a clean install.
  • From a pricing standpoint, specifically in terms of $/GB (cost per gigabyte), the Seagate Mobile HDD trumps the SSDs and 2.5″ HDDs that are currently available.
  • Scroll all the way down to the the bottom of the page and you will see a black button which says “Download now” If you click this it will download a file ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’ which will be around 758 MB.

Using an external hard drive for data backup

Yesterday I managed to get a replacement for the 2TB Samsung/Seagate from the store where I purchased the HDD. I left my PS4 on since yesterday to download all my previous content. (At the moment around 500gb of content installed/downloaded.) You can consider using an external hard drive for PS4 instead of upgrading the internal hard drive to a larger one. So far there has been no beeps and this is while watching Blu-rays, playing games and downloading content at the same time. I’ll update in a few days or as soon as something changes. The beeping has returned with my second 2tb Seagate drive. After initializing the 2tb drive to see if things improve there were no beeping sounds until i started installing a lot of content again.

External hard drive options that suit PS4

It looks that the beeping starts when I hit like the 300+ Gb mark. After placing back the default PS4 HDD and testing it for a few days, I can confirm that there are no beeps with the stock PS4 HDD. With the new Seagate 2tb drive the first 24 hours were without any beeping. But now they are starting again (with a lot of content installed). There are not so many external hard drives on the market that are compatible with PS4, and you can pick one from the items on this list that you feel is best meeting with your needs. So I can confirm it has to do with the 2TB Seagate and PS4 combination. The beeping sounds occur only like once or twice every hour or so and are less loud as my previous HDD (like 50% volume). I hope this doesn’t get worse in time like my first 2tb Seagate.

use only the best hard drive for PS4 in order to get the best results

I’m not that technical but maybe it has to do that the Seagate HDD has more moving parts than the original drive. The original HDD has one 500Gb platter and the Seagate has four 500 Gb platters. Maybe the beeping starts when the HDD is using multiple platters for reading/writing. I’ve been having this same issue with my PS4 and the 2TB Samsung HDD also. You may want though to try a solid state external hard drive for backing up PS4 data quickly and much faster than ordinary external storage devices. Someone mentioned before that it might be a power cord issue due to the drive needing more power than was originally intended for the PS4 with it’s stock 500GB drive.

Using a fast USB 3.0 Thumb drive

But what alternatives are there to use with the PS4? I haven’t heard of any other power cord that can be used it the PS4. Another thing I wanted to add to this topic is that I remember reading in another forum that the HDD’s used in the Seagate Backup Plus external drives would SOMETIMES stop spinning after 15 or 20 minutes. Try using then the fastest USB 3.0 thumb flash drive that will help cut down on the time of PS4 HDD upgrade process. I remember before installing my 2TB drive inside my PS4, I tested out the drive while it was still inside its case; once on my Macbook Pro, and then I tried it my my Windows 7 laptop. When I tried the drive on my Macbook, it did indeed stop spinning after about 15 minutes or so.
The light was still on the case, but the drive wasn’t spinning (I could feel it not vibrating). Then, I tried it on my Windows laptop, and the drive never turned off. So maybe it could be a firmware issue with the drive? I searched the Seagate website for any firmware updates for this product, but they didn’t have any listed on their site. Hope someone can figure out what’s going on between the HDD’s and the PS4. Mine is also making the strange beep noise every 15 mins or so.

But I also have a bigger problem where games will lag quite often. I’ve tested this on all my games and it’s the same in each one. It’s particularly bad when sprinting in fps games. It’s not game breaking lag, just a stutter here and there, but it’s pretty annoying. I didn’t have this problem until I upgraded the HDD.

Restoring Operating System from an External hard drive

It also struggles to load textures sometimes, I now have a lot more texture pop in than before. I have the 2TB Seagate installed in my PS4 and I was getting some real LOUD beeping past few days, it was weird. Sounds loud enough to come from a speaker! Then you will have to restore the backup file that includes the operating system and all installed games from the external hard drive back to PS4 internal hard drive. Anyway, I noticed recently the Blu-ray drive was struggling a tiny bit to eat the disc when I inserted it. I changed over the power cable 2 days ago and now the drive eats the disc alot quicker and I haven’t heard a beep since, when it was happening 1-2 times a day.

This leads me to think the beeps and my Blu-ray drive issue is down to a power supply issue. Perhaps it takes more power from the console using such a high storage HDD? I don’t know. You’ll need at least 2TB external hard drive capacity for PS4 in order to make sure it can handle the flood of DATA provided to it. All I do know is my results. I don’t know the AMP of the fuse in the power cable I’m using in the PS4 right now but I think it would be a safe bet for everyone suffering with the problem to try using a brand new 5AMP fuse.

PS4 game console allows an easy hard drive swap


Just wanted to post in here to say I’m having similar problems. Seems like its more of an annoyance as opposed to something that can cause real problems. PS4 game console is a great device that offers an unmatched gaming experience with lots of amazing features that will take you to the next level of gaming in all aspects. Anyone who has had the noises had a drive fail on them yet at all? I’ve had mine installed for a few weeks, it didn’t make the noises at the start of that I’m almost certain. But as the capacity has filled up it has seemingly become more common.

I’ve used about 800gb so far and I’m getting the noises once every few minutes. If the PS4 is on the dashboard doing nothing then it rarely happens, but in game with the sound down I can hear the chirpy kind of noises quite often. Upgrading PS4 hard drive is not mandatory to most users, but still many others feel the stock hard drive of PS4 is too limited to handle the heaps of data they want to store on it. I wouldn’t say it was as loud as a PS4 system beep, but its not a million miles off it.since changing the USB settings to 3 hours I have heard a couple of beeps but nothing like in the past this definitely makes a difference to the amount of beeps you hear and I am currently just over 1TB used. Finding the best hard drive for PS4 will not take a lot of time as long as you know where to search and what guide to trust. Another thing I’m going to try is plugging the PlayStation into the mains plug I’m currently using an extension lead and always have I’m starting to think if it’s a lack of power causing the issue maybe the extension lead isn’t helping as I have other devices plugged into it.