Which SSD Brand Fits into PS4 Drive Bay

Ps4 hard drive has a special specifications that must be met by any replacement storage device, and an SSD is not an exception. All of them were 256GB-class or larger. We rarely test 128GB-class drives anymore, but we did have a few products that’d compare well to the Z400s. Both of the Adata drives are new and part of the low-performance, low-cost SSD revolution. An SSD will operate so well inside the PS4 body, but it won’t be as fast as it is in computer systems. And Samsung’s 850 EVO is a high-performance SSD that sells for a low price. Granted, none of the comparison products sell for the $.25/GB we originally paid for our 128GB Z400s, but they’re all cheaper than the Z400s 128GB at the time of writing.

Different SSD Brands in the market

Right off the bat, the Z400s comes out strong in our sequential read test. The DRAM-less drive even outperforms Samsung’s 850 EVO 120GB, which is widely regarded as the best low-cost SSD on the market. It was fun while it lasted. Choosing a PS4 SSD is not a hard mission if you know what brand to look for and what specifications you should consider. DRAM keeps the table map data cached for quick updates on where the drive is physically putting data on the flash. Placing the table on slower NAND diminishes its ability to write quickly.

an ssd used in PS4 will improve the performance

Notice that the Z400s delivers higher sequential numbers than Adata’s SP550. This is because the SP550 uses TLC NAND and leans on a small sliver of emulated SLC to mask that technology’s native performance. SanDisk’s Z400s is inferior to the products we compared it to. Don’t go for a hard drive PS4 if your main concern is a top-level performance. The drive serves up impressive notebook battery life, but that’s one of its few bright spots. To be fair, in some of our other tests, the Z400s fares much better than I expected.

SSD Reliability Issue with PS4

We recently learned that the Z400s is being validated by at least one major OEM, though it hasn’t completed the process yet. As far as PS4 game console is concerned, an SSD is still the most reliable storage device a PS4 console can adopt. We’ve been talking a lot about low-end SSDs displacing hard drives in tier-one PCs, so it’ll be interesting to see if builders can roll DRAM-less solid-state storage into their designs before the holidays. If we take this new class of SSD and generalize about their allure, it becomes clear that the upgrade market won’t be swayed. OEMs won’t be able to help but dip those three letters into gold for their marketing purpose. You won’t care about a PS4 4TB storage capacity hard drive if your expectations are not so high. However, just because you see SSD on the spec sheet doesn’t mean you’re getting the drive you really want.


The SSD brands to avoid

As a storage reviewer, I’m a little biased. But the performance metrics show that these products are faster than hard drives and slower than the SSDs truly deserving of praise. Price is a primary consideration in this segment. A while back, four 128GB Z400s could be purchased together for 25 cents per gigabyte. Sadly, that deal is no longer available. Not all SSD brands are recommended for PS4, as there are some brands we advise to stay away from.

If that’s what you pay, though, then you know OEMs are getting them even cheaper in volume. If you’re looking for a good SSD brand for your PS4, click here to view our PS4 SSD list. I would buy a notebook with this SSD installed, but I wouldn’t pay a premium for it. Enthusiasts who value the snappy SSD experience we love at the high end will treat DRAM-less drives the same way they would a hard disk: they’d replace it. That’s not to say everyone who buys one of these in an OEM notebook will do the same thing. A DRAM-less SSD is better than a mechanical drive.

hard drive (hdd) PS4

Last Words

But price parity will be part of the package. Just ask questions when you see a system advertised with an SSD inside to really understand what you’re getting. As a potential upgrade, the Z400s is a fairly poor prospect, largely because of its price. In terms of value, Samsung’s 850 EVO just wrecks every other company’s attempt to compete. Going to a good compatible internal hard drive for PS4 is something we always recommend when it comes to price and capacity. With the 128GB Z400s at $45 and the 120GB 850 EVO going for $68, we have to recommend Samsung’s offering.

The 256GB-class comparison also favors the 850 EVO ($88 versus $80). The only way we can see this changing would be if you need to buy in volume. For upgrading a single PC, spend the extra $20 on Samsung, we say.